Plaster Repair

A plaster repair services in Mississauga, ON

We, Sauga Drywall Contractors, as a leading full-service drywall specialist in your area, also provide plaster repair and replacement service. This includes drywall texture repair, drywall ceiling repair, and patching holes in your wall.

Is your home ceiling drooping? You need to repair or replace it at the earliest. Our on-call service will give a new look to your damaged plaster.

Usually, damage to the plaster is done by water. If the plaster is cracked, you need plaster repair services immediately to prevent further damage to the walls. Plaster is a rock-hard substance applied to almost every ceiling and wall. It is prepared by mixing lime with cement or sand and water. The mixture is spread on ceilings, walls, and other surfaces to obtain a hard surface that is mold, noise, and fire-resistant.

If the plastered surface is old and is not renovated for a long time, cracks can be seen, or the surface may appear loose or hollow. On the other hand, most small cracks in plaster aren’t a serious problem and may be caused by the expansion and contraction of wood framing. But if there is water damage, causing cracks or damage to plaster, hire our skilled and well-equipped team of plaster repair contractors to prevent further damage to the ceiling and wall.

Hire our team of experts and let us handle plaster damage of any kind. Have your wall and ceiling as good as new again.

Contact us to provide a new look to your damaged plaster immediately!

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